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Content Slider

Create Captivating & Informative Slides in SharePoint with Content Slider

Content Slider for SharePoint provides a simple and easy way to generate informative and concise slides with live content surfaced from your data in your SharePoint lists.

Works with all Office 365 documents & more

Content Slider for SharePoint is like having a mini version of PowerPoint directly on a SharePoint page, where the information in the slides is coming directly from your SharePoint List Data. Use it to create live, dynamic and engaging slides that are kept as up to date as often as your data is.


  • Promote new content, easily & effectively
  • Consolidate Videos, Images & Text into a single presentation
  • Dynamic Content from SharePoint Lists, includes filters for correct content selection
  • Edit the Sliders & republish with ease
  • Counter for Likes & Comments
  • Insert the Content Slider as a Web Part on any SharePoint Page
  • Easy to use Builder Interface to create eye catching presentations
  • Scrolling effects, multiple navigational controls & colour schemes
  • Responsive Design, works on all screen sizes and mobile devices
  • Easy to install
  • Easier to use
  • Generate a Highlight Reel of what’s happening in your company
  • Auto Slide & 8 Scroll Effects


The SharePoint Content Slider will help you to showcase your work in an impressive creative way. The Content Slider is added to a designated space on your site and enables your visitors to flip through slides to consume various pieces of content at their own pace.

With our easy to use, advanced Content Slider Builder you can quickly customise, edit and generate Content Sliders to surface the dynamic content of any SharePoint list without coding. Simply choose your List, define the selected fields to display, live preview and save.

The generated Content Slider is fully responsive and optimised to work across all devices and screen sizes.



Content Slider
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