SharePoint Page Guide Online

Incorporate interactive help within your SharePoint pages by way of step-by-step walk-through for selected page elements. SharePoint Page Guide helps SharePoint users to learn and understand the platform and applications built on top of SharePoint interactively, with live contextual help.

Business Value

Reduce the number of support and ticket with simple, automatic highlighted instructions.
Streamline employee processes such as onboarding and training, costin you less in hiring and training costs.
You’ll be giving your employees simple and more intuitive ways to work.

Features and Benefits

  • Build Tour across multiple pages
  • Ability to continue the unfinished tour.
  • Auto start of Tour for first time.
  • Create intro slide in centre of screen.
  • Display tour covers
  • Text, Image or Video Content
  • Works with dynamic content
  • Works with hidden content (select, tabs etc.)
  • Localization
  • Works with all modern browsers
  • Detailed documentation and tour about the tour
  • 37 Positions’ Variants
  • Auto Positioning of Message
  • Map of all Tour Steps
  • Control of Buttons Text
  • Scroll to Element
  • Highlighting of passed steps
  • Material design
  • Responsive

User Level

Site Power user to set up Page Tour / Page Guide.
All / Contribute


Simple to install with minimal training to usage (simple clear documentation provided)

More Information