SharePoint PDF Wizard

SharePoint PDF Wizard is the simple, fast and clean way for users to manipulate and convert PDF files into common file formats from within SharePoint, SharePoint PDF Wizard is feature packed and allows you to automatically generate, manipulate and output documents to a user specified SharePoint document library. You can also create templates with Pre-set Configuration Settings to perform operation on specific SharePoint document library files on a single click and/or triggered by an event (Workflow).

Business Value

Streamline and automate repetitive, time draining tasks.
You’ll be giving your employees simple and more intuitive ways to work productively.

How It Works

  • Install Sharepoint PDF Wizard
  • Select PDF/Files from SharePoint Document Library
  • Select the Operation to Process
  • Set the Output Destination for Files

Features and Benefits

  • Convert & Transform – Convert & Transform PDF Files.
  • Merge & Manipulate – Merge & Manipulate PDFs and/or other files to PDF.
  • Automate – Trigger events (Worflow) to create and manipulate files.
  • Increase Productivity – All your file needs from within SharePoint!

User Level

All / Contribute


Simple to install with minimal training to usage (simple clear documentation provided)