SharePoint ShortUrl Online

SharePoint ShortUrl allows the creation and use of vanity and shortcuts hyperlinks fully integrated within the SharePoint environment.

Business Value

Create professional looking user-friendly URLs that makes emailing links, putting them into documents or even saying it over the phone a much simpler and less error prone.
You’ll be giving your employees simple and more intuitive ways to work productively.

Features and Benefits

  • MULTILINGUAL COMPATIBLE! – SharePoint ShortUrl Installs on any Language Pack.
  • EXCELLENT UK SUPPORT! – We value our Customers and provide outstanding support.
  • MATURE SOFTWARE! – Developed by SharePoint experts, we have been Shortening Url’s since SharePoint 2007.
  • SIMPLE TO USE! – Very easy to use, no training required.
  • TIGHTLY INTEGRATED! – All code is managed within the SharePoint environment.
  • FEATURE PACKED! – Instant access via Site Actions and Items Context Menu. Tracking List, My ShortUrl’s and more…

User Level

All / Contribute


Simple to install with minimal training to usage (simple clear documentation provided)

More Information