E-Commerce Mobile Application

Business Case

An experienced client in the retail sector from Netherland wanted to create an app that would allow consumers to scan products using their phones.

  1. A program that generates QR codes.
  2. The app would collect all information about the cart and guide clients through the payment process so that they do not have to wait in large lines.
  3. The client also requested the creation of an administrative portal.
Ecommerce Mobile Application technology logo
Ecommerce Mobile Application

Technical Objectives

  1. As per the client’s request, design and construct an Android application as well as a web-based admin portal.
  2. Retrieving all of the data from the first time and storing it in a database locally (Core Data)
  3. Scandit SDK allows for quick product scanning and presentation of product details.
  4. QR Code Generation


Technology Used

Our solution was based on the following technologies:

  • Scandit Scanner SDK for QR Code generation
  • Android Studio 3.0
  • Data logic SDK
  • ARM Templates



  • It was simple to use because it is an easy-to-operate program.
  • Time spent waiting in lines at the time of billing was reduced.
  • The addition of a barcode scanner made it simple for customers to scan products.
  • Because all of the data was collected at the start, the program ran smoothly and took very little time to load the details.
  • Support for tablets and mobile devices aided in reaching a larger audience.

Our Solution

  • We created an app that supported the most recent updates as well as a web gateway for administrators.
  • We crafted a user-friendly design that allowed users to receive a clear picture of the full program and it was simple to use
  • At one moment, all data was collected via API, including advertisements, language settings, and product lists, so the consumer could see everything at once. The user had the best experience while using the app.
  • The user could rapidly scan products with a barcode and change the number of products.
  • The products can be added to the Shopping List or the Cart List by the user.
  • The user would also be able to scan barcodes to add things.
  • The Payment Screen will show a QR code with a maximum of 30 goods.
  • The ability to display product advertising was added.
  • We’ve integrated our app with “Datalogic Hardware.”