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Image Editor

Enhance Any Image in SharePoint with Image Editor

With a crystal clear user interface, Image Editor for SharePoint is a superb, must have application, integrated into SharePoint to edit, enhance and embellish office graphics and images.

Works with all Office 365 documents & more

Image Editor for SharePoint provides an incredibly easy to use image editing package to edit and embellish office graphics. Add text, crop, resize, colour, shapes, icons, freestyle drawing and much more. It’s great way to give users the quick and easy ability to be creative directly, within SharePoint.


  • Open images directly from Document Libraries
  • Responsive Editor to suit any screen size and type
  • Resize, Crop, Transform & more
  • Filters, Blur, Greyscale, Vintage, Black & White, many more
  • Mouse and touchscreen freestyle drawing with custom brushes
  • Patterns & Gradient fills with Opacity
  • Shapes, Stickers, Icons & Clip Art
  • Full History Replay & Undo
  • Add Shadows and Frames around an Image
  • PNG with Transparency support & JPG


Once the SharePoint Image Editor Add-In is installed you can open and edit your Images from SharePoint or a local path. Any Images contained within a SharePoint library will have the option to edit the image directly from the image’s Context Menu “Image Editor”.

Use it to add resize and image and prefer a stock image or photo for further use in a document or page. Once the edits have been done, you can save as a .editor file to keep the images and changes separate.

This application was the one we were most asked to build by our loyal customer base.



Image Editor
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