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Page Guide

Build an Interactive Walkthrough in SharePoint with Page Guide

Create stunning interactive step by step, help and site tours with Page Guide for SharePoint. Perfect for new content introductions, training and to help users understand new functionality.

Works with all Office 365 documents & more

Page Guide for SharePoint lets you create a Step by Step walkthrough of any part of the SharePoint site. Highlight page elements and explain what they are used for. It’s perfect for new users, training sessions and new functionality. Add tooltips, text, images and video to tell the user an engaging story.


  • Highlight any item on a page
  • Auto Start on entry
  • Map of all tour steps
  • Create an Introduction Slide
  • Autopilot option with Progress Bar
  • Multiple Themes & Styling options
  • Highlight missed/passed steps
  • Responsive Design, works on all screen sizes and mobile devices
  • Works with Dynamic Content
  • Use Text, Images or Video to describe Page Elements & Content Sections
  • Colour & Transparency Control
  • Save and Edit Later facility
  • Spotlight multiple page elements


SharePoint Page Guide is the simple, fast and most effective way to incorporate interactive help within your SharePoint pages by way of step-by-step walk-through for selected page elements. SharePoint Page Guide helps SharePoint users to learn and understand the platform and applications built on top of SharePoint interactively, with live contextual help.

SharePoint Page Guide is extremely powerful and precise. The add-in includes the Page Guide Builder from where you can add contextual help to any SharePoint page element.

One of the major benefits of using these step by step walk through is a dramatic decrease in the number of support calls and tickets with requests for help relating to the application to which it is available. SharePoint Page Guide can be used for many use cases (e.g. change management, on-boarding, training, support etc.) and will add benefit to every SharePoint platform.



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