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PDF Wizard

PDF Manipulation and conversion in SharePoint with PDF Wizard

PDF Wizard for SharePoint is the simple, fast and cost effective way for users to manipulate and convert PDF files into common file formats from within SharePoint.

Works with all Office 365 documents & more

PDF Wizard for SharePoint is by far, the simplest way to manage PDF creation, manipulation, merging and even automation directly within SharePoint. Encrypt, Digitally Sign, Set Expiry Dates and whole host of extra functionality make this the must have app for anyone who uses lots of PDF files.


  • Convert & Transform PDF files
  • Merge & Manipulate to/from PDF
  • Automate with Workflow
  • Use of templates for output
  • Merge PDF, XLSX, DOCX & More
  • Easy access via Ribbon controls
  • Add a Password to any PDF
  • One Click automatic creation of multiple documents
  • Customise document naming
  • Simple to install
  • No training required
  • Essential PDF workflow and management for a modern workplace
  • Supports PDF/A
  • Great alternative to individually licensed Adobe Acrobat
  • Add a Password to protect any PDF


SharePoint PDF Wizard is the simple, fast and clean way for users to manipulate and convert PDF files into common file formats from within SharePoint.

SharePoint PDF Wizard is feature packed and allows you to automatically generate, manipulate and output documents to a user specified SharePoint document library.

You can also create Templates with Pre-set Configuration Settings to perform operations on specific SharePoint document library files on a single click and/or triggered by an Event (Workflow).

Works directly from a Document Library, either by right clicking and using the context menu or allowing a workflow to perform the creation based a set of pre-defined templates and conditions.

Perfect for long term vault type storage in when saved in PDF/A format.



PDF Wizard
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