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Our existence is all about making your life easier. We offer a wide range of applications for SharePoint / Office 365 to automate your business processes, facilitate smooth communication and provide additional functionality. Please find downloadable PDF's below:
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SharePoint Add-Ins

Document Merge for SharePoint

Document Merge for SharePoint provides the ability to merge list data with Word, Excel and PowerPoint Documents. So instead of typing out addresses and common information, you can right click and generate a document straight from the list, choosing the appropriate template. Best of all, it can even be automated.

Document Flow for SharePoint

Document Flow for SharePoint provides the ability to merge list data with Word, Excel and PowerPoint Documents. So instead of typing out addresses and common information, you can have a document created, based on a template, when you add or update a list item. It uses Microsoft Flow to provide the automation.

Short URL for SharePoint

Short URL for SharePoint provides the answer to the problem of the SharePoint auto generated hyperlinks, long, hard to read and impossible to remember. Create vanity, branded and simple URLs and best of all, you can track the click rate and change where the URL links to. It’s the must have app.

Image Maps for SharePoint

Image Maps for SharePoint is a way to supercharge your platform navigation. Create an engaging and eye-catching image and then add clickable regions. Each region can link to an internal location, external site, an image, a tooltip or even a video. This creates a far more intuitive way to navigate a site.

Image Editor for SharePoint

Image Editor for SharePoint provides an incredibly easy to use image editing package to edit and embellish office graphics. Add text, crop, resize, colour, shapes, icons, freestyle drawing and much more. It’s great way to give users the quick and easy ability to be creative directly, within SharePoint.

PDF Wizard for SharePoint

PDF Wizard for SharePoint is by far, the simplest way to manage PDF creation, manipulation, merging and even automation directly within SharePoint. Encrypt, Digitally Sign, Set Expiry Dates and whole host of extra functionality make this the must have app for anyone who uses lots of PDF files.

Content Slider for SharePoint

Content Slider for SharePoint is like having a mini version of PowerPoint directly on a SharePoint page, where the information in the slides is coming directly from your SharePoint List Data. Use it to create live, dynamic and engaging slides that are kept as up to date as often as your data is.

Page Guide for SharePoint

Page Guide for SharePoint lets you create a Step by Step walkthrough of any part of the SharePoint site. Highlight page elements and explain what they are used for. It’s perfect for new users, training sessions and new functionality. Add tooltips, text, images and video to tell the user an engaging story.

Timeline for SharePoint

Timeline for SharePoint gives the ability to build creative, vertical or horizontal timeline infographics based on information from within SharePoint, such a list data with dates, a calendar or even document version history. Use one of sixteen designs and add your own styling and transitions to create a chronological image of events.

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