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Short URL

Creating Short & Vanity URLS in SharePoint with Short URL

SharePoint generates internal hyperlinks that are long, difficult to remember and very obscure to the reader. Short URL for SharePoint allows the much needed creation & management of far simpler links.

Short URL for SharePoint provides the answer to the problem of the SharePoint auto generated hyperlinks, long, hard to read and impossible to remember. Create vanity, branded and simple URLs and best of all, you can track the click rate and change where the URL links to. It’s the must have app.


  • Custom Domains Supported
  • Easy access from Site Action menu
  • Date expiry for links
  • Click Counter and Tracking List
  • Permanent or Temporary Redirect
  • Unlimited number of Links
  • Create links for any Page, Doc, List Item, Library, External links & more


From This

To This

Even at a quick glance, its easy to see why Short URL for SharePoint has become our most popular application. The example above shows quite clearly the difference it can make in any SharePoint environment.

The links are much easier to remember, readable, easy to convey and have tracking and updatability that simply doesn’t exist in SharePoint.


“Short URL has enabled us to plug a significant gap in SharePoint functionality which our users had asked us to address.”

” We don’t like to use SharePoint generated URLs in company announcements because they are so long and unwieldy.”

“Easy installation and configuration, great usability and delivers more than expected”



Short URL
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