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Create a Time Series Infographic in SharePoint with Timeline

Timeline for SharePoint gives a new view over list and document data or metadata. Viewing of eye catching graphical timelines gives a chronological appreciation that can’t be conveyed with text dates.

Works with all Office 365 documents & more

Timeline for SharePoint gives the ability to build creative, vertical or horizontal timeline infographics based on information from within SharePoint, such a list data with dates, a calendar or even document version history. Use one of sixteen designs and add your own styling and transitions to create a chronological image of events.


  • Include News items directly from a SharePoint List
  • Use a SharePoint Calendar as the source of information
  • Use Document Version history as the source of information
  • Creates “At A Glance” type views of detailed time based information
  • Eye catching designs
  • 15 built in designs, 45 Transitions, more being added
  • Customise Colours & Fonts to suit your own site branding
  • Export the Timeline as a graphic for inclusion in other locations or documents
  • Dynamic data from SharePoint Lists always ensures your Timeline graphic is displaying the latest data
  • Embed YouTube or Vimeo videos by providing a URL in the list
  • Easy to use Timeline Builder for the design


Automatically build a Timeline from a SharePoint List, using Text, Images, and even Videos. Easily create beautiful vertical and horizontal Timelines to convey any information chronologically, with the content surfaced from any of your SharePoint lists.

The Timeline is created with the Timeline Builder and then added to a designated space on your SharePoint page/s. Once inserted on a page the SharePoint Timeline is dynamic, reading live data, directly from SharePoint Lists or choose to export it as a graphic image for use in other locations or documents.



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